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Triangle Air Planter by Darling Spring



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The Triangle air planter is made of light, easy-to-hang brass, adding a touch of minimalist, natural beauty to your sanctuary. Mist your beautiful Tillandsia resting on these minimalist holders.

Enjoy your favorite otherworldly plant growing in the air!

(The plant is not included.)

Product Feature

Materials: Brass


  • Medium Size:  7.9 '' x 1.7" Bottom Opening & 17.7" Brass Chain
  • Small Size: 4.9" x 0.9" Bottom Opening  & 17.7" Brass Chain


What is an air plant? 

An air plant is a more widely used name for Tillandsia - a plant that comes in many shapes and sizes. They are unique in the fact that they grow without soil, deriving moisture and nutrients from the air. Air plants are native to deserts and rainforests of South-America. 
They can grow on rocks, trees, bushes and even on fences or electric wires in urban areas.

What are the good conditions for growing air plants? 

The most important conditions for air plants are daylight, air circulation and room temperature over 15 °C. They can take a few hours of direct sun but do not necessarily need it.​ 

How to water air plants? 

There are two ways to water air plants: bathing or spraying. We recommend bathing as then you can be sure that the whole plant will get evenly moist during the watering process. 
Spraying can be done in between baths when it seems that the plant needs extra moist. Air plants need to be watered 1-2 times a week. The plant should get more water when the leaves get curly or the leave edges become brownish.​ 

How to bath air plants? 

Fill up a bowl or bucket with water at room temperature (18-20°C). Submerge your plant so that all leaves get wet. Leave the plant in water for 15-30 minutes. After watering remove the excess water by shaking the plant gently. We suggest to leave it on a towel upside down to dry.
Air plants that are flowering can also be submerged but not the flowering point.​ 

Do air plants need fertilizer? 

Fertilizer is not necessary but it will keep them in top shape. An orchid fertilizer can be given after the plant has blossomed, as this process takes a lot of energy from them. Please follow the instructions on the package.​ 

Do all air plants bloom? 

Yes, all air plants bloom once in a lifetime, the flowering period can range from few days to few months, depending on the plant species. When the flowers begin to shrive, it can be cut off with scissors. After flowering the plant usually begins to produce a new plant. An offspring can be separated if it has grown at least 1/3 of the size of the mother plant.

She Designed This

Designer Hali-Ann Tooms expertly mixes botany and minimal materials, creating simple ways to make your home both green and beautiful. Experience the pure harmony of minimalist design with light, airy planters to naturalize your favorite spaces.

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