Princeton Velvetouch 3950 Series - 5 Paint Brush Set


  • Exceptional Quality Yet Affordable - Princeton paint brushes are famous for their superior quality. This professional paint brush set mirrors the characteristics of sable paint brushes minus the price tag and includes 5 brushes: Spotter 5/0, Angle Shader ¼ Inch, Round 8, Filbert 8, and Round 2
  • Versatile Artist Paint Brushes - Ideal for mixed-media projects, these can be used as watercolor brushes, oil paint brushes, acrylic brushes, paint by number brushes or even as a gouache paint brush set
  • Superb Precision & Control - Each fine detail paint brush features the Princeton signature slip-free satin finish Velvetouch handle enabling precision control. Precision tapering aids with accurate color placement and the painting brushes have a resilient snap & enhanced color-holding capacity
  • Animal Friendly & Sustainable Materials - The Velvetouch artist brush handle is made of sustainable FSC wood and each detail brush is crafted from a unique blend of animal-friendly, luxury synthetic material
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - We've built our products to last. If the quality of our product falls below your expectation, contact us and we'll make things right for you


Product Description

Velvetouch, from Princeton Artist Brush Co., offers a complete collection of mixed-media painting brushes to help artists create the perfect masterpiece. The expert brush makers at Princeton developed an exceptional-quality, animal-friendly, luxury synthetic paintbrush that rivals sable paint brushes and can be used for a multitude of applications. Whether you are looking for oil paint brushes, acrylic paint brushes, watercolor brushes, paint by number brushes, or even a gouache paint brush set, these artist paint brushes make an ideal choice. They lend themselves beautifully to fine detailing, blocking, shading, lettering, applying washes and more. Each brush style is designed with its own special blend of luxury synthetic filaments for greater versatility, enhanced color-holding capacity and precise color placement. Crafted from FSC wood, these small paint brushes also feature a smooth, non-slip signature Velvetouch handle, which ensures comfort and offers precise control. Velvetouch offers a wide range of affordable, durable and animal-friendly essential, specialty and miniature brushes. Whether you're a seasoned professional, or just learning to paint, you can't go wrong with these exceptional premium paintbrushes.



Creating Brushes that Inspire

Princeton Artist Brush Co. is one of the largest brush-makers in North America. Since they started in 1992, artist brushes have been their sole focus. While other companies offer an assortment of art supplies, Princeton focuses on making one thing: the best quality, most fairly priced artist brushes available today.

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