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Horseshoe Rare Azurite Jasper Necklace by Crystalline Tribe



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Horseshoe Rare K2 Jasper Necklace

Intuitive Abilities ~ Spirit Guides ~ Grounding

A great grounding stone that enhances our top three chakras. It can help relieve stress in these areas and may help with headaches and migraines. 

Although it is referred to as jasper, it is not jasper at all. K2 Jasper is a rare stone that is made from granite and blue azurite. Azurite was used by Native Americans to assist in contact with one’s Spirit Guides.  Mayans also used Azurite to manifest psychic abilities, mystical powers, and telepathy.

Handmade by the Crystalline Tribe with LOVE. All crystals are unique, colors may vary slightly. 

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